Windows 10 Operating System Upgrades / Repairs

For most of us it started with Windows XP, then Windows Vista, the Windows 7, Windows 8 then finally Windows 10. Here at Computer Crisis we highly recommend using Windows 10 if you’re using the computer for any kind of activity that invovles going online via the Internet. Windows 10 offers you the most amount of security because they release updates as soon as they find problems.

Now if you have older software that doesn’t work on Windows 10, we understand that. But what if you have software that only works on Windows 7 but needs internet access. There are sometimes ways of working around that and upgrading to Windows 10 and still being able to use that same program! Over the past 12+ years of being in business we have seen many Windows based programs and can most likely help you with them!

Also, just like any operating system, Windows 10 can crash. If it does, it’s actually the easiest operating system to repair in our opinions. No matter if you have an older operating system or the current Windows 10, we can help!

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Windows 10 Operating System Upgrades / Repairs Happy Customers

My Windows 10 laptop got stuck in a boot look. It would constantly restart for whatever reason. Computer Crisis reloaded my operating system to fix the issue and I didn’t lose anything!

Susan C, Avon Ohio 44011

Everytime I would start my computer I would get the message, we are unable to repair your computer automatically. So I searched for computer repair near me and found Computer Crisis. Gave them a try and am more than pleased with their fast turnaround and amazing service!

Bob M, Avon Ohio 44011

I kept getting pop ups about Windows 7 not being supported anymore so I knew it was time to finally upgrade. I’ve been dreading this day forever because I truely love my Windows 7. I still wish we could use Windows XP! I looked online for computer repair places near me and Computer Crisis seems to be the #1 computer place in Avon Ohio so I brought it there. I went over my problems with the tech and he said that he’ll make the transition easy. He wasn’t lying. The start menu looks almost the exact same, all my icons are still there, he even transferred my old Solitaire game!!!

Larry, Avon Lake Ohio 44011

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