Virus Removal

Malware and viruses come in many forms and can strike from just about anywhere. These malicious applications can not only affect a particular machine, but can also damage your computer, web applications, private data, or even your smart phones.

If you suspect that your computer has been impacted by a computer virus or malicious software, the only solution is a comprehensive, intelligent virus cleaner that identifies the root of the problem and repairs the damage.

Some computer viruses and malicious malware are specifically designed to cause damage to your machines by burying into the programs, deleting files, and even reformatting hard drives in the blink of an eye. Other types of malware and viruses simply flood a network and make it impossible to perform any computer related tasks. No matter what form the virus takes, the end result is often the same: a serious disruption to your everyday computer operations.

Here at Computer Crisis we implement the latest virus removal tools to help clean your computer and keep you protected.

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Virus Removal Happy Customers!

I saw a pop up on my computer screen that said something like “click here to secure your computer”, so me being naive clicked it. Well that was a problem. Now I kept getting pop ups non stop and everytime I would try to visit a different website I would be redirected to another page. I brought my computer into Computer Crisis and they said my browser got hijacked / infected with redirect viruses. They took care of the problem and installed new virus protection for me and some adblockers. Surfing the web now I see less ads and actually seems to be running faster. 

Andy, Avon Lake Ohio 44012

I let my daughter borrow my computer and when she was done with it there was a screen that was stuck on my desktop and I had no idea how to get rid of it. I know she clicked on something that she shouldn’t have even though she claims to not have. Jimmy at Computer Crisis cleanup up my computer and found some tracking viruses and some other junk on there and now I’m back in biz! Thanks Jimmy! 🙂

Elizabeth, Avon Ohio 44011

I use my laptop to sell merchandise on Ebay so I’m constantly emailing customers. I opened an email about UPS shipping and it was obviously a fake/scam email because seconds later I got locked out of my computer and it demanded me to call a phone number to get my files back. Ugh. Luckily there’s this nice computer shop called Computer Crisis in Avon and they were quick to come pick up my computer and clean up all the virus problems from it. They ended up doing a full wipe to my computer but were able to backup my files first. Highly higly recommend calling this place for any virus problems you might have or any other computer problems.

Tom E, Avon Lake Ohio 44012

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