Computer Tune-Up and Speed Boost

Computer Crisis offers many ways to tune up your computer. Do you have a lot of programs that load at startup? We can tweak software settings to reduce the startup time of your computer. There are many registry cleaners that can delete old keys that aren’t being used any more.

If you surf the web a lot then you probably have a lot of temporary files, cache files, cookies and other hidden files that are taking up space on your computer.

Even viruses can slow down your computer. Here at Computer Crisis we offer many services and guarantee that we can speed up your computer tremendously!

Have you ever heard of Solid State Hard Drives? Well this is also an option to increase the speed of your computer by 20x the speed! A solid state hard drive is a lot faster than the spinning mechanical drives that are still being sold in many computers today. Ask us about this, we tend to recommend upgrading the hard drive especially when your drive is showing signs of failure.

Upgrading your memory can even increase the speed of your computer.

Computer Crisis has been upgrading and offering our tune up service for more than 12+ years and our clients are always happy with the results!

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Computer Tune Up and Speed Boost Happy Customers!

My computer has been running slow for a couple months now and it’s gotten to the point where I can hit the power button, go to the other room, come back in 10 minutes and it’s still starting up! I heard about Computer Crisis from a friend so thought why not bring it in. I’m so happy I stopped by their avon storefront. Jimmy is super helpful and made it so simple. Not only does my computer now bootup in less than a minute the turn around time was very quick! Highly recommend giving them a try!

Becky, Avon Ohio 44011

I run a parts distribution business from my house in avon which requires me to have my computer running without any problems almost non stop everyday. I started having speed issues for a couple days and running windows updates didn’t help. I know something needed fixing. I gave Computer Crisis a call and they had a tech out that same day. He took the computer back to their storefront and had it back to me the following morning. I’ve never experienced computer service this good before. 

William, Avon Ohio 44011

I recently bought a new from Amazon and for being a new computer is sure wasn’t running like one. I’ve used Jimmy at Computer Crisis for other computer work in the past so brought it up to him. He went over the specs of the computer with me and showed me why my computer wasn’t running fast. Turns out it had a really large hard drive but it wasn’t a very fast hard drive at all. He recommended putting a solid state drive in there so I said yes go ahead. Now my laptop is faster than ever!

Robin W, Avon Ohio 44011

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